Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Farming Update

My Grandpa, Bill, wanted me to pass this update along to all of you -

What do you do on a nice Spring day on the Palouse  and it's still too wet to farm?  

You go look at your wheat.  Most people do this with a 4 wheeler or a pickup but this is more fun and you get a good look at everything. 

We haven't turned a wheel around here yet and it's starting to get a little late.  We were all done last year at this time...maybe next week, if it quits raining.  It's not very often a farmer complains about rain, so I won't start just yet.  

Your Josephs's Grainery Soft White Winter Wheat is coming along nicely (shown in both of the photos).

This airplane is an experimental (made with a lot of Piper Pacer parts, which are probably older than most of you).  Some would say it's an experiment everytime you fly it...we just don't tell Little Joe's Grandma that!  Actually it's a good little airplane that has done everything I have asked of it.  Just don't ask too much.  

Your Joseph's Grainery Soft White Winter Wheat is already reaching up to the brakes on the wheel of the plane!
When we start seeding the Spring crop we'll get  you some more pictures.

On another note, MaMa is the featured Everyday Baker over at Sunny Bug today!


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