Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Our Favorite Whole Grain Pumpkin Recipes

So it's that time of year when we all have pumpkin on the brain, so we thought it would be fun to share a few of our favorite whole grain pumpkin recipes from over the years.

This Whole Grain Pumpkin Cake is one of the most moist whole grain cakes you'll ever taste!  It's made with our stone ground Hard Red Whole Wheat and Barley Flours.  If pumpkin pie isn't your jam, than you might want to give this delicious cake a try!

These Pumpkin Multigrain Pancakes will take your breakfast up a notch with a real seasonal flair!  Made with our awesome Multigrain Pancake Mix, you'll go gaga for these hearty (and pretty healthy) pancakes.

I don't know a single kid who'd turn down a Iced Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie! The best of all three worlds...pumpkin, chocolate chips and glaze/frosting, and they'll make you feel good about giving your kids halfway healthy cookies when they're made with our Whole Grain Cookie Mix.  ;)

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

From Our Farm - Fall 2016 Farm Update

Do you know what these rows in the fertile soil of the rolling hills of the Palouse mean?  That the 2017 crop of Joseph's Grainery Soft White Winter Wheat is in the ground and will begin growing very soon!

Can you locate the wheat seeds in the photo above?  We plant a proven variety of Soft White Winter Wheat that has a high test weight and high falling numbers, which makes it perfect for milling and malting.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Farm To Pint

Harvest is over, we've gotten to restock the shelves at most of our retailers and guess what?  We've even added Palouse Pint Malt to our online sales line up!  These malts have amazing flavor that the craft malting process, combined with Joseph's Grainery Palouse Promise Baronesse Barley create.  Home brewers and craft brewers alike have and will fall head over heals for Palouse Pint Malts.

We've teamed up with LINC Foods to offer Palouse Pint Malt both on our online store and on Amazon.  Online you can find the following four types of malt:

Spokane Pilsner
English Pale
Crytsal/Biscuit 40
White Wheat Malt

You can click on the links above or on the photos in the side bar on the right.

Our Baronesse Barley has proven to make an outstanding malt that will add flavor to your brews like none you've ever tasted before!  As one of the top grain and hop producing regions in the world, Eastern Washington State is to beer as France is to wine.  Wine lovers will be familiar with the concept of "terroir" or the flavor of the place.  Different wine growing regions of the world are famous for the qualities their particular soil, microclimate and varieties give rise to.

Palouse Pint is excited to be a pioneer in "Beeroir".  That's why every batch of this craft malt is source identified with the farm name, location and grain variety.  Celebrate the flavor of the Northwest with Palouse Pint Malts!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Harvest 2016 on the Palouse

It's that time of year again!  It's harvest time on the rolling hills of the Palouse - the time when we're hard to get a hold of, but it's OK, because you know we're out working hard bringing you some of the finest whole grains and legumes.  It's long hours, hot days and dusty afternoons (see below), but we wouldn't change it for the world.  We love harvest.

We have so much to be grateful for - an amazing crew that's hard working and dedicated, equipment that runs and a crop to harvest, to name a few.

Above you see our two combines emptying into a bankout wagon, which is essentially a tractor pulling a specialized trailer that's equipped with an auger so it can safely haul the load of grain over the rolling hills to the grain bins. There, the grain will be loaded into a truck for transport (below) or straight into one of our farm's bins for storage.

We still have a couple more weeks of harvest to go.  We're doing our best to get orders shipped out in a timely manner, but if you get the voicemail when you call, you'll know we're harvesting.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Great Local Ice Cream Deserves A Great Whole Wheat Waffle Cone

Spokane, if you haven't checked out Sweet Annie's Artisan Creamery, you're definitely missing out!  If you haven't heard of Sweet Annie's, they hand-make ice creams, with the best local ingredients and can deliver them right to your door.

We were so excited when Annie reached out to us and asked us to collaborate with them to develop a Whole Wheat Waffle Cone Mix for their scooping at local farmer's markets and events.  We were even more delighted when we were able to meet Annie and Amanda and show them around our farm.

Annie of Sweet Annie's Artisan Creamery with Bill of Joseph's Grainery
We worked with Annie to develop a whole wheat waffle cone that any ice cream lover will thoroughly enjoy.  The ingredient we're most excited about is, of course, our Stone Ground Whole White Wheat Pastry Flour made with Soft White Wheat grown on our family farm.

So if you're looking for locally source, small batch, hand-made, life affirming and most importantly, crazy delicious ice cream, you'll definitely want to find their cart at one of the Spokane area farmer's markets.

Perry Street Market on Thursday Evenings

And of course, you will definitely want to check out Sweet Annie's Pints Club for a monthly delivery of crazy-delicious ice cream.


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