Monday, July 12, 2010

Whole Wheat Birthday Cupcakes

My birthday was last week, so MaMa made me some fishy cupcakes to celebrate, because I LOVE fish!
Aren't they cute?  Did I tell you that I love fish?

MaMa started out by making the cracked wheat cupcakes found here,  that way she feels good that I'm scarfing down something that's halfway healthy.  From there she got her inspiration from a fun book called Hello Cupcake by Karen Tack & Alan Richardson. It's full of all sorts of really cute cupcake creations and tells you how you can make them.  She knows how much I love fishies, so she knew that these would be perfect for celebrating my 2nd birthday. 
Things were getting pretty fish-y at our house, so I had to do my part and eat a few!
So the next time you need to make cupcakes, try the cracked wheat cupcakes, they are delicious!  Or you can substitute the cracked wheat for Hard Red Whole Wheat Flour and the all purpose flour with Soft White Whole Wheat Flour for a fun variation on the recipe, because we know that you're getting really excited for the launch of our whole grain flours (hint - check back here in the next day or two...we'll have a surprise waiting for you). 

Until then, I'll be...


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