Thursday, June 3, 2010

MaMa's Meringue Mishap

In MaMa's never ending attempt to soothe her sweet tooth's cravings she found a recipe for Chocolate Meringue Drops and thought to herself, "this looks easy enough and I have all the ingredients in the pantry."  So DaDa and I went for a walk to visit our horsey neighbors and expected to come back to a sweet treat.  Well, that didn't happen.  It all started to go wrong when MaMa didn't have enough powdered sugar, she was only a little shy of having enough so she thought, "charge onward."  She followed the directions to a "T", minus the powdered sugar shortage, and she had a liquid goo on her hands that she knew wasn't going to form anything resembling a merigue, so she thought, "the recipe calls for flour, I'll just add a little more flour to make up for the little bit of powdered sugar I was short."  Bad idea.  We're all for using whole grain flours here, but more of a good thing isn't always good.  Are you ready for a good laugh?  Here are MaMa's Chocolate Meringue Drops:
They look more like Chocolate Meringue Flops, don't they?  A little flat if you ask me.  MaMa still says that it was the recipe, not her, but I think it all took a wrong turn when she didn't have enough powdered sugar, what do you think?

All this to say that we love to try all sorts of recipes with whole grains and flours, but there are just some that don't work out.  This would be one of those and we post it to prove to you that not every recipe makes the cut.  We only post about the recipes we've tried and enjoyed ourselves.


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