Monday, October 26, 2009

The Palouse Pack

Joseph's Grainery is now offering a multi-commodity product called The Palouse Pack.  Included in The Palouse Pack are 3 lbs each of barley, lentils, hard red wheat and soft white wheat.  Each commodity is individually packed and labeled.  All of Joseph's Grainery whole grains are grown in Washington State.

Ordering the Palouse Pack is a quick and easy way to stock your pantry with the whole grains you'll need to make any of the recipes we feature here at Joseph's Grainery Recipes.  They are all natural, whole grains that are thoroughly cleaned and ready for you to cook or bake with.  It also makes a unique gift.  Know someone who loves to cook, or maybe a friend is starting a healthy living and eating campaign?  If you do give the gift of whole grains, make sure to tell them about all of our great recipes, so they know what to do with their whole grains and lentils once they receive them!


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