Wednesday, October 28, 2009

From the Field Direct to You

This is my Grandpa...He runs the whole show!

Ever wonder how Joseph's Grainery Whole Grains get from the field to you?  Each year during July and August once the grains are ripe and ready for harvest we roll out the combines for 3 to 4 weeks of long and hot days.  Here are a few photos from our farm in the rolling hills of the Palouse:

Here the Bank Out Wagon (pulled by a tactor) is filling a Semi-truck with grain.

We run a two combine operation.  As you can tell by the color of them, we like our red International Harvesters!

Cutting wheat near Steptoe, Washington.  That yellow tuck-type thing is a self propelled bank-out wagon.  We use bank-out wagons because of the rolling hills.  In some places its just too steep for the trucks to be in the fields.

Here one of the combines is emptying into the bank-out wagon.  Again, they are harvesting a wheat field in this photo.

So, that's just a glimpse of how we get the grain from the field to you! 


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