Monday, September 12, 2016

Farm To Pint

Harvest is over, we've gotten to restock the shelves at most of our retailers and guess what?  We've even added Palouse Pint Malt to our online sales line up!  These malts have amazing flavor that the craft malting process, combined with Joseph's Grainery Palouse Promise Baronesse Barley create.  Home brewers and craft brewers alike have and will fall head over heals for Palouse Pint Malts.

We've teamed up with LINC Foods to offer Palouse Pint Malt both on our online store and on Amazon.  Online you can find the following four types of malt:

Spokane Pilsner
English Pale
Crytsal/Biscuit 40
White Wheat Malt

You can click on the links above or on the photos in the side bar on the right.

Our Baronesse Barley has proven to make an outstanding malt that will add flavor to your brews like none you've ever tasted before!  As one of the top grain and hop producing regions in the world, Eastern Washington State is to beer as France is to wine.  Wine lovers will be familiar with the concept of "terroir" or the flavor of the place.  Different wine growing regions of the world are famous for the qualities their particular soil, microclimate and varieties give rise to.

Palouse Pint is excited to be a pioneer in "Beeroir".  That's why every batch of this craft malt is source identified with the farm name, location and grain variety.  Celebrate the flavor of the Northwest with Palouse Pint Malts!


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