Thursday, September 10, 2015

What is Soft White Wheat?

All of the Joseph's Grainery brand Soft White Wheat is grown on the gorgeous rolling hills of the Palouse Region.

Soft White Wheat is a cereal grain, often used in baking.  There are several different types of wheat, Soft White Wheat being one of them.  Soft White Wheat, when milled is perfect for making whole grain cookies, cakes and pastries.  It can also be used to make pasta.


Joseph's Grainery Soft White Wheat is a winter wheat, meaning that it is planted in the Fall.  We'll begin planting the 2016 crop soon.  The seed will sprout out of the ground, typically within a week or so of being planted.  The crop will continue to grown and form a beautiful green blanket across the fields.  Come late November when the temperatures start to drop drastically, we start praying for a good snow cover to act as insulation against harsh freezing temperatures.  With a winter crop, this period of dormancy is essential for the plants to produce seed come Spring.

Because Soft White Wheat is so well suited for baking, of course, our favorite thing to do with the grain is to grind it on our stone mill into a beautiful Soft White Whole Wheat Flour.  Joseph's Grainery brand flours all contain the entire whole grain.  We don't take (sift) anything out and we don't add anything.  You'll always get a true whole grain flour from Joseph's Grainery.


Soft White Whole Wheat Flour is one of our favorite whole grain flours to bake with.  Joseph's Grainery brand Soft White Wheat typically has a protein content of 8-9%, so cookies and cakes made with our Soft White Whole Wheat Flour turn out wonderfully delicious.


Soft White Whole Wheat Flour is the primary ingredient in Joseph's Grainery Whole Grain Cookie Mix Base.  With our cookie mix, you can make any type of cookie your heart may desire.  We have a whole list of recipes you can choose from, or adapt your favorite family recipe to use Joseph's Grainery Cookie Mix with and cut the time it takes to make cookies.


We also use Soft White Whole Wheat Flour in Joseph's Grainery Multigrain Pancake Mix, which is a terrific way to easily get whole grains into your family's diet.


If you need a quick breakfast on the go and still want to incorporate whole grains, you'll definitely want to try Joseph's Grainery Instant Multigrain Mush, which also features Soft White Wheat in it's list of whole grain ingredients.


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