Wednesday, April 9, 2014

From Our Farm - The Most Fun You Can Have Farming

Take flight with my Grandpa in his Cesna 170, as he checks on the Joseph's Grainery crops and the progress of field work.  While most farmers drive around in their pick up trucks to check on their crops, my Grandpa flies from field to field to keep an eye on things as they grow.  You'll fly along the Palouse River, buzz  over a few of our tractors, and learn a little about farming whole grains in the Palouse region of Washington State.

Did you spot Steptoe Butte (the big, tall hill) in the video? It's a definitely landmark in the area. If you ever get the chance to drive to the top, do it, as the views are spectacular! Once you've been to the top of Steptoe Butte (or watched this video), you'll understand why they call them the rolling hills of the Palouse.

Whether your an avid pilot or not - we think you'll agree, this is the most fun you can have farming!

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