Thursday, April 21, 2011

Joseph's Grainery Family History

Here's a photo of my Grandpa Bill and my Great Grandpa Joe (yep, both Joseph's Grainery and I are named after him) circa 1952.  When MaMa showed me this photo, I thought it was a picture of me.  Grandpa says I get my good looks from him.  ;)

What an amazing  time it must've been to be alive.  Imagine coming back to the farm after the war to take a new bride and have your first son.  I cant' fathom it.  Anything must have seemed possible if you just worked hard enough.  And for many of them, it was.  I know it was for my Great Grandfather.  He did it all.  They truly were, and to those still left alive, are, the greatest generation.  Proud to call him my Great Grandfather, although I never got to meet him - Joseph Lussier Myers, June 25 1920 - April 1 1994.


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