Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Carmel Apple French Toast

Carmel Apple French Toast with Whole Wheat Walnut Bread
You wanna know how we ate most of the loaf of the Whole Wheat Walnut Bread that MaMa made for yesterday's post?  Carmel Apple French Toast.  It was de-licious!

Ingredients for Carmel Apple French Toast:

6 slices of Whole Wheat Walnut Bread
2-3 eggs
large splash of milk
1 tsp cinnamon

1 apple, chopped
carmel topping
maple syrup
Directions:  In a shallow dish, whisk together the ingredients.  Lay each slice of bread down in the mixture and turn over to coat both sides.  Cook for about two minutes each side over medium heat.  While the toast is cooking, throw the chopped apple on the skillet with the toast and saute it for just a short while, letting the apple get a bit tender.

Plate the French toast and top with the apples, carmel sauce and maple syrup.  Yumm!


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