Sunday, January 9, 2011

Are You Prepared?

No, these aren't our grain bins, but they could be your solution to long term grain storage at home.  Yes, you can try this at home. All you need to do is choose any two Joseph's Grainery products listed below to complete your 50lb. order.  You will recive two 25lb. pails of your favorite Joseph's Grainery grains, flours,and mixes sealed fresh for your home storage needs. 

Follow these simple steps to place your 50 lb order...
Prices listed are per 25lb bucket.

Step One (choose two):
Soft White Wheat                      $21.00
Hard Red Wheat                        $21.00
Barley                                        $21.00
Lentils                                        $51.00
Garbanzo Beans                         $65.00
Soft White Wheat Flour             $24.00
Hard Red Wheat Flour               $24.00
Barley Flour                               $24.00
Lentil Flour                                $54.00
Garbanzo Bean Flour                 $72.00
Pancake Mix                               $50.00
Cracked Wheat Cereal                $42.00
Cookie Mix Base                        $50.00

***prices listed are the price per 25 lb bucket and do not include shipping. So to figure your subtotal, add the price of your two 25lb buckets.

Step Two:

Send us an e-mail at telling us what you'd like in each of your 25 pound buckets and where you'd like it shipped (please include zip code in this e-mail so we can calculate shipping charges for you).

Step Three:

We'll be in touch with you shortly to verify your order and arrange for payment.

Simple, easy and you're on your way to providing for your family in case of emergency with Joseph's Grainery.


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