Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Our Signature Delivery Truck - 1936 Ford is a Winner!

If you've come to see us at the Moscow or Pullman Farmer's Markets you've likely seen our signature delivery truck, a 1936 Ford Ton and a Half Truck.  Well, we're quite proud to have our truck be a part of the NAPA Autoparts 2010 Cool Rides Calendar!  You'll have to stop in and visit your local NAPA Autoparts store to pick up a copy of the calendar (although I believe the calendars are if you live elsewhere, you might not see our truck).  My Grandpa has a soft spot in his heart for Fords from the 1930s, in fact he's restored a few.  Here's the winning photograph:

There she is, "Miss" September

From another angle.  Can you tell that along with 1930s Fords, my Grandpa loves to fly?

Here's some of the write up that my Grandpa submitted with the photo:

When you have to get something done it’s time to rely on state of the art 1930’s technology. This 36 Ford ton and a half truck is what you need. Just like the Pratt & Whitney radial aircraft engine, it is rugged, reliable and powerful. With the snorty 239 cubic inch dual carbureted Ford V8 coupled with Ford’s tough 4 speed select-a-grind transmission, and an Eaton two speed rear axle, your transportation worries are over.

1936 Ford ton and a half truck

239 cubic inch Ford flathead V8
Dual FoMoCo Carbs
Speedway headers and dual exhaust
Four speed select-a-grind (unless you hold your mouth right) transmission
Eaton two speed rear axle (that makes 8 gears forward and 2 backing up)

My Grandpa is a kid at heart.  This video shows him test driving the Ton and a Half while he was rebuilding it about a year and a half ago.

So if you want to see "Miss" September in person, you'll have to keep your eyes open while driving through the rolling hills of the Palouse.  You never know where my Grandpa may be taking our whole grains to next!


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