Saturday, November 14, 2009

1935-36 Fords

Here's my Grandpa with his 1935 Ford Sedan

On Wednesday I told you that my Grandpa has a soft spot for 1930s era Fords, so I thought I'd give you some more proof today.  I wasn't around in the 1930s, obviously...and neither was my Grandpa for that matter, but these are pretty cool cars and trucks.

Filling up the 1935 Ford Sedan

What a contrast...before and after, if you will.  My Grandpa had a pickup like this when he was in high school, that's what inspired him to fix this one up.  1936 Ford Pick Up

My Grandpa always has another Ford project he's working on!
Do you recognize this one?

This is another video of my Grandpa test driving the 1936 Ton and a Half.


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