Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Introducing - Garbanzo Bean Flour

on Square Market

We're pretty darn excited to introduce the newest member of the Joseph's Grainery Family of Stone Ground Flours - Garbanzo Bean Flour.  Also known as Chickpea Flour, Joseph's Grainery Garbanzo Bean Flour is a naturally gluten free flour, and as with all of our products, it is NON-GMO.  We already have a handful of great recipes that will call for the Garbanzo Bean Flour, so keep checking back here in the coming weeks.

With the addition of the Garbanzo Bean Flour to our line up, we have another fun surprise...

on Square Market

The Legume Lover Gift Pack offers a combination of our naturally gluten free legume products.  Included in this package are 3 lb bags of Lentils and Garbanzo Beans, as well as 2 lb bags of Lentil Flour and Garbanzo Bean Flour.  Order the Legume Lover Pack for yourself or send it to a friend for any special occasion - we can ship direct to their door.


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