Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gift Giving? Include Whole Grains!

Looking for some fun, homemade gift ideas?  Why not add some Whole Grains to your to your gift giving plans this year?

Above you'll see a sample gift basket that MaMa and I put together to give as Christmas Gifts this year!  We included a loaf of freshly baked artisan bread and a bag of our Multigrain Pancake Mix, along with an assortment of other handmade/homemade goodies. Simple, fun and we think a gift that people will actually enjoy and use.

Here are the links to the tutorials/recipes we used for each of the items in the basket:

Freshly Baked Artisan Bread
"Fresh Baked Bread" Bag
Monogrammed Hand Sanitizer
Free Printable Canning Labels
Blackberry Jam
Stamped Dish Towels

The best part of these gift baskets is that I was able to help MaMa with most of the items in them.  I helped make the dough for the bread, helped pick the blackberries for the jam, and helped stamped the the snowflakes on the dish towels.  So this is a great way to get the whole family involved in your gift giving!


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