Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lahey No-Knead Bread Making Method

Yep, we're finally trying our whole grain hand at the Jim Lahey No-Knead Bread Making Method.  We'd been hearing from several sources that it's definitely the way to go for a simple, no-fuss loaf of bread, but we didn't have a cast iron pot/dutch oven and didn't want to purchase one for an experiment.

A friend Grandpa and Grandma's from high school, Chris Schierman, called MaMa this morning to share her bread making experience using our Hard Red Whole Wheat Bread Flour and the Lahey Method.  It was her call, and the fact that she doesn't use a fancy covered pot to make her bread, that made MaMa decide to try her hand at it.  So, the photo above is of our dough, we're told that it's supposed to be a bit shaggy, so hopefully we're off to a good start.  Now to let it rise for 12-18 hours.

We'll keep you updated on how our little experiment goes.  Have you tried the Lahey Method?  Have you tried it with whole grain flours?  We'd love to hear any pointers you may have!


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