Friday, August 13, 2010

It's Harvest Time! - Palouse Wheat Harvest

I really am excited that it's harvest time here at Joseph's Grainery, but this wheat really itches.  Grandpa and the crew are busy cutting the 2010 crop that you'll find on the store shelves or can order here soon.  Grandpa took me out in the field to inspect the crops, because my name's on the label I need to know that everything is  of the highest quality.

Here are a few more photos of our operation running at the Wilcox farm and our family farm near Diamond, Washington:

This is an aerial shot that Grandpa took from his plane.  Those are our two International Harvester 1470 Hillside combines.  On the Rolling Hills of the Palouse we need special combines to keep the machines from rolling.

Here the combine is approaching the tractor that pulls the bankout wagon.  The combine will empty the seed into the wagon and the tractor will take it to the grain bins.

Here's another aerial photo Grandpa took of the aftermath of a fire at the neighbor's farm.  The weather is really dry during harvest and the smallest spark can set off a fire that will literally spread like wild fire.   Grandpa said that the crews had the fire out very quickly.  We really appreciate our area's firefighters, their quick action saved our crop!


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